CompTIA A Plus Core 1

CompTIA A Plus Core 1 premium prep 2

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Iftekhar Rayhan
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  • Contains 90 questions
  • Total: 1 Exam
  • Detailed Explanation

Topics Covered

All Topics
90 questions
25 questions
Hardware & Network Troubleshooting
24 questions
Mobile Devices
12 questions
18 questions
Virtualization and Cloud Computing
11 questions
$ 9.99

About the Author

Our instructor, Iftekhar Rayhan, aims to share with you, the knowledge he gained from his work experience and training. He has more than 2 years' work experience in the IT industry, and has completed his CompTIA A+ and CCNA (Routing and Switching) certification to develop his skills and acquire industry standard knowledge. Teaching enthusiastic learners is Iftekhar's passion. The practice exams he has prepared will help students assess their skills and acquire in-depth knowledge about CompTIA A+ certification.

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